January 31, 2009

Fernando Bacalow from Terra The boy and Paparazzo

More photos of Big Brother Brazil Fernando Bacalow from Terra The boy & Paparazzo

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Fernando Bacalow Terra The boy

Terra The boy Fernando Bacalow

Fernando Bacalow

January 26, 2009

Fernando Bacalow Terra The Boy

Fernando Bacalow, a cast member of the popular reality TV series Big Brother Brazil 7 , is Terra The boy this month .

Fernando Bacalow

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Terra The boy Fernando Bacalow

Fernando Bacalow

January 25, 2009

Terra The Boy Fernando Bacalow

Handsome hunk Fernando Bacalow is Terra The Boy January 2009

Fernando Bacalow

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David Oliver

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Fernando Bacalow

Male model : Fernando Bacalow

Brithday : 01/18/1983

Hometown : Osasco, São Paulo .

Country : Brazil

Weight : 76 kg

Height : 1,83m

Fernando Bacalow
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January 15, 2009

Colby Jamar once again

New pic of Colby Jamar
Colby Jamar
This pic once again show us his nice nipples . Wow, I'm in love with Colby Jamar !
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Roberto Franca

Male model Roberto Franca

Roberto Franca

Roberto Franca is a Brazilian model . He was born on May 29, 1982 in Jau, Sao Paulo.

Roberto Franca

Roberto Franca studied Physical Education and started his career as male model when made photos for the website Terra The Boy

This guy is so hot ! I love Roberto Franca !!!

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January 13, 2009

Michael Montesanto

ten nguoi


Craig DNA Magazine

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Colby Jamar

Hot photos of male model Colby Jamar by Michael Tammaro and Joseph Bleu
Colby Jamar

Colby Jamar

Model : Colby Jamar
Height : 6'0"
Suit : 40"
Neck : 15"
Waist : 32"
Eyes : Blue
Hair : Brown
Wow, I think Colby Jamar is cool ! I like his nipples.
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January 09, 2009

Santiago Peralta

Saltiago Peralta

Luke Guldan - new pics 2009

Oh my God, Luke Guldan is back !!!
I've founded new photos of Luke Guldan .

Luke Guldan

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January 07, 2009

Philip Fusco

Philip Fusco is a new fitness male model .

Philip Fusco

Philip Fucso is 22 years old. Working out since he was 14 and he has entered the industry at the age of 17.
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January 04, 2009

Muscle dude Jeremy Walker

Jeremy Walker
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January 03, 2009

Andres Sanchez

Roni Mazon

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Tristan Bull

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